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Miss Taylor's Book Picks

I am a student teacher at the University of Montevallo and graduate in May of 2019. I would like to use this blog to keep track of books that I hope to use in my future classroom.

One Came Home

One Came Home is the story of a strong willed teenager, Georgie, who would do anything for her family. Georgie’s sister Agatha is believed to be dead when a body surfaces with a dress made by Georgie and Agatha’s mother. However, this is not enough proof for Georgie  and she sets out on a journey where she battles cougars, counterfeiters, and herself. As Georgie finds more and more information that confirms Agatha’s death, she unknowingly opens up doors which some would kill for to remain closed. Activities which would complement that book would be to have students calculate the distance between to locations from which they would like to travel and creating lists of what they would need to pack if they were taking a journey similar to Georgie’s. The second activity would act a comprehension check for students to display what they understand about the setting. The accelerated reading level is 4.8.