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Miss Taylor's Book Picks

I am a student teacher at the University of Montevallo and graduate in May of 2019. I would like to use this blog to keep track of books that I hope to use in my future classroom.

The Little Red Hen

The  Littel Red Hen is a classic book about about a hen and three of her friends. The hen’s friends use her to do all of the housework and yard work, while they spend their time napping and worrying about themselves. The hen makes a discovery that will benefit the entire  household, but her friends still did not want to offer her any assistance. When the outcome smells delicious, her friends then want to help. An activity for the Little Red Hen is to read an alternate version and have the students find comparative and contrasting elements in the stories. Have the students write about a comparative or contrasting element and support their finding with evidence from the two books. I did this activity with kindergartnersin small groups and they LOVED it! The Accelerated Reader level is 2.9.