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Miss Taylor's Book Picks

I am a student teacher at the University of Montevallo and graduate in May of 2019. I would like to use this blog to keep track of books that I hope to use in my future classroom.

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Max is a wild thing, according to his mom. After a night of mischief he is sent to bed without dinner. When Max get into his room vines began to grow all around him and he begins to sail to where the wild things live. Of course Max ends up becoming the king of the wild things and they follow his every move. It takes being king for Max to realize where he truly belongs. I love how there is not text on each page of the book. It leaves room for students to make connections and predict what Max will do next. An activity for students to do is draw pictures with captions of what the would do if they were king or queen of the wild things. The DRA reading level is 16-18.