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Miss Taylor's Book Picks

I am a student teacher at the University of Montevallo and graduate in May of 2019. I would like to use this blog to keep track of books that I hope to use in my future classroom.

Who is Nobody?

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Nobody (Bod) Owens, was raised by ghosts after his parents were killed by the man Jack. He was granted Freedom of the the Graveyard in order to blend in with his surroundings. As Bod gets older, he becomes interested in being educated outside of the graveyard which inevitably makes him noticeable. He battles ghouls, bullies, and naturally curious nature to eventually make peace with who he is and who he has for a family.  I would use this book during language arts. I feel that it would give students the opportunity to discuss their imagination that is typically suppressed as they grow. There are plenty of areas in the book for students to share their view on family and how would their lives be different if they grew up like Bod. The Lexile Measure is 820L.